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Laws of Ohio Miners Association 1883

Posted by JRW on January 24, 2011

From New Straitsville Independent, June 7, 1883.

Laws of the Ohio Miners’ Association

Art. 1. Resolved, That there shall be a President, Secretary, and Treasurer elected once in each year

2. It shall be the duty of the President to be present and to preside over all      regular legal conventions.

3.     It shall be the duty of the Secretary to be present at all meetings and to keep a record of the same, to receive and answer all grievances from the Valley Secretaries, and to call all district conventions when legally authorized to do so, to strike all levies to defray the expenses of the district officers, to collect all levies and fines and pay the money over to the Treasurer and take his receipt for the same, and draw all orders on the Treasurer, and do such other duties as may be imposed on him from time to time by the association.  And he shall receive for his services twenty-five dollars per year and general expenses paid by the Association.

4.     It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to receive all money collected by the Secretary and give receipts for the same, and pay all orders drawn by the Secretary.



5.     Resolved, That no District Convention shall be called except upon the request of three Valley Secretaries, and the District Secretary shall at  the opening of each District Delegate Convention, read the names of the Valley Secretaries making the request, and that a copy of said grievances together with the questions to come before the Convention shall be read by the Secretary.

6.     That any mine in this District failing to pay any District Levy that may be struck by the Secretary shall forfeit their representation at the District Convention and that four weeks time be allowed  to pay the same.

7.     The District Secretary, upon the request of three Valley Secretaries, may call a District Convention by giving three days notice to the Valley Secretary.

8.     Any representative coming to a District Convention with credentials signed by their Bank Secretary may be excluded from voice in said Convention.

9.     Resolved, That no entry nine feet wide or less be driven for less price than two dollars per yard, and the same price per ton for the coal as is paid in  mine where the entry is driven.

10.  Resolved,  That whenever any mine or mines in this District shall have any grievances with their employer, It shall be their duty to settle it if possible, but should they fail to do so, It shall be the duty of said mine or mines to notify their Valley Delegation, and should the Valley Delegation fail to bring about a satisfactory settlement, the Secretary of said Delegation shall notify the District Secretary of the grievances in full, then the District Secretary shall control that company, the said mine shall cease to work until the said grievances  are settled and they are duly notified of the fact, and should any mine in the District knowingly haul any coal for said company during said trouble, they shall cease to load coal for that company at once until the notification of the settlement be given by the Secretary of said Valley and that through the District Secretary.

11.   Resolved,  That clay veins be paid by the yard in proportion to the coal and yardage where there are no clay veins, provided said clay vein does not exceed one yard in thickness.

12.   That where there is water in working places, that it be taken out at the company’s expense. So that the miner does not suffer loss thereby, and that water bailing be paid for, throughout the District at the rate of 10 cents per barrel when bailed by the miner.

13.  Resolved, That we, as a District, ignore the Restriction system throughout the District.

14.   That there shall be no free turns allowed in the District.

15.   Resolved, That we admit the drivers into our organization with the understanding that they be subject to taxation the same as the miner.

16.  Resolved, That the resolutions passed by the Haulers at Carbon Hill be read, and enacted upon by sections. The following adopted:

1.     That there be a uniform price for driving throughout the District, that the price be 2.05 per day throughout the District while the mining is 70 cents per day and 25 cents raise or fall for each 10 cents raise or fall in the price of mining.

2.     That there by no quarter time- either a whole day or a half day.

3.     That there be no coal hauled by contract.

4.     That we shall work from 7 a.m. till 12m.,and from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Nine hours constituting a day’s work.


District President


District Secretary

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