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Shawnee, Ohio


Posted by JRW on January 16, 2011


2 Responses to “McCuneville”

  1. star said

    i live here now, of course its all different now. where is this, what road is it? Dixie holler?

    i live on 224s.e.

    • Rob Dishon said

      Starr –

      This area is at the opening of Dixie Hollow. If you look on the right side ot the pic through the trees you will see the abandoned church that is still standing. That was the church of God. In the middle of the pic is the Methodist church. It sat at the corner of Dixie Road and St Rt 93, today you can see the concrete wall and steps that lead to the church. The building on the extreme left is the school house. All three of these buildings were built in the 1890’s. The Church of God was closed in the late 1970’s. The Methodist church was closed around 1964 and was torn down then. The school was closed and the students bused to Shawnee in 1943 and the building was torn down a year of so later. See the pics of Ann Ricketts funeral in 1909 for the same buildings from the house on the other side of the creek.

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