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Dishon General Store McCuneville 1962

Posted by JRW on January 16, 2011


3 Responses to “Dishon General Store McCuneville 1962”

  1. Rob Dishon said

    I took this pic and several others like it about 1975. This building was the general store of James A Dishon, It opened about 1872. James also served as the postmaster with this building being the post office and also the train Depot. James was succeeded as postmaster by his son Frank in 1913. He operated the post office and store until 1951 when he turned 70 years old, the manditory retirement age by Post office regulations. After he and his wife Gert took the first vacation they had ever taken in 1951 they moved to Newark Ohio near their children and the building was boarded up with all of its contents. Over the years kids broke in and others vandalized and removed furniture and other antiques and family items. My father and I torn this building down in 1976. The old summer kitchen was still standing until a few years ago. The barn though is still standing and the roof is holding its own.

    • Teresa Dishon Davis said

      Rob – stumbled upon this by accident on facebook. You have done so much to discover and preserve Dishon history. Thank you so much.

      Since I’ve never seen this – or knew about it – I’ve really enjoyed it!

      Teresa Dishon Davis

  2. Rob Dishon said


    I am sorry that i didnt direct you to this site a long time ago. I hope you enjoyed the other McCuneville pics. If you guys have any McCuneville pics, you can post them here.


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