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The Merchant’s Mercantile Company’s Credit Experience Guide of 1907

Posted by JRW on January 15, 2011

The Gift of Knowledge from Rodney Galentin

Members of the Little Cities of Black Diamonds are accustomed to receiving a wealth of knowledge from Rodney Galentin but recently Rodney has brought us knowledge in the form of a rare book. The Merchants Mercantile Company published a credit history with entries of people in the Hocking Valley in 1907. This book gives us the name of the head of household, community of residence, occupation and a credit rating. Thanks to Lorinda LeClain at the Nelsonville Public Library, the LCBD office now has a cd with the scanned pages from the book and the wealth of names: of teachers, furnace workers, clerks, physicians, merchants, lawyers and of course miners. The last category will be added to our Miners Registry as we find time to enter them.  Since receiving the scanned pages, we have twice been able to help people with genealogy research find a name.  Those researchers have in turn helped us with knowledge and pictures that flesh out our history a little more. So, thanks, Rodney, for finding and preserving history wherever you find it and thanks, Lorinda, for making the information accessible for the rest of us.

This File is available as a PDF download only.  It is a 71MB file and will take a lot of time depending on your connection:

1907Merchants Mercantile Agency

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