The Little Cities Archive

Shawnee, Ohio

Miller Star – March 1964 (page 4)

Posted by JRW on December 5, 2010

Jill Fultz, Judy Wilson, Linda Benedict, Myra Embrey, Susan Luning, Marsha Ann Seals, Mickey Barrett, Nancy Begley, Patsy Conley, Allen David, Bill Frazier, Karen Gill, Carl Hermey, Karen Lillig, George Mattis, Tana Maxwell, Gayland Morgan, Mary Jane Mosier, Kenny Nicholas, Danny Pryor, Robert Spencer, Carolyn Starner, Lucretia Stickdorn, Paul White, Mary Ansel, Ann Balkenhol,  Linda Seals, Carol Clark, Paul Compston, Linda Beal, Lois Dodson, Jackie Fetterly, Sandy Hutmire, Mary McGill, John Josephson, Bobby Phillips, Sheryl Smith, Sandy Warner, Charles Alltop, Bill Brown,  Tom Brunton, Dale Compston, Linda Hettich, Karen Huston, Michael Lucas, Eleanor McKinney, Janice Martin, Patty Olah, William Parham, Pam Richards, Linda Vess, Linda Hamrick, Kay Hill, David Lavendar, Marlene Plant, Suzanne Swyers

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