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Chapel Hill St. Francis Marriage Records, 1841 -1857

Posted by JRW on October 21, 2010

From the Bulletin of the Catholic Record Society of Columbus

Vol. XVIII, No. 10 Oct. 4

October, AD. 2003


Ian. 24 Daniel Dekes and Mary Biron, witnesses James Longstreth and John Pearl. Aegs Olivetti

Feb. I I supplied marriage ceremonies for James Mcnamarra and Alice Woodword; wit. Peter Coil. AO

Feb.22 Cornelius Clagar and Agatln Young;wit. M. Gosman and James Longstreth AO

Mar. 6 I supplied marriage ceremonies for Thomas Fitspatrik and Jane Sweney AO

May 4 I supplied marriage ceremonies for Jesse Charpenter and Mary Charpenter AO

May 6 John Duffy and Catharina Mahley AO

May 18 Mchael  Forker and Rebecca Beckurth; wit. George Benneth and Ann Walpol AO

May 25 I supplied marriage ceremonies for Patrick and Ann Burns AO

June I Michael McCuniss? and Mary James AO

June 3 I supplied marriage ceremonies for William Turner and Elizabeth Mcgloklin AO

June 5 I supplied marriage ceremonies forBernard Lee and Mary Rooney AO

July 15 I supplied marriage ceremonies for John Ryan and Mary Dwir; wit. John Brockier and Alex Dwir AO

July 27 James Cullen and Rosa Ann Hafer; wit. Patrick Hayes and Elizabeth Burk AO

Aug. 4 Michael Mulligan and Elizabeth Walpol; wit. John Grimes and Ann Smith AO

Aug. 11 Nicholas Sower and Christina Johnson; wit. James Coran and Elizabeth Little AO

Aug. 13 Joseph Pearl and Anna Niles [or Rily?]; wit. Leats? Morgan and Catharine Thompsen AO

Oct. 17 John Cahill and Mary West; wit. John Colmat and Mary Nola AO

Oct. 20 Michael Collins and Sally Mccroly; wit. John and Elizabeth Jareeth? AO

same day Hely Wise and Ann Messer; wit. John Messer and Mary Ann Borer AO

Oct. 21 Stephan Fagan and Alicia n. AO

Nov. 20 Bartholomew Mulligan and Ann Smith; wit. Bernard Mccabe and Mary Smith AO

Nov. 28 Henry Hafer and Margaret Freel; wit. Patrick Freel and Barnabas Freel AO

Dec. 2 James Lavin and Jane Mcdonahoe; wit. John Cassidi and Ann Masterson AO


Jan. 7 John Gosman and Susanna Pearl; wit. Barnabas Freel and Henry Hofer AO

Feb. 1 Charles W. Winer and Frances Gosman; wit. John Beker and Mary Porer AO

Mar. 31 John Longstreth and Mary Ann Paton; wit. Frances Geiger and Thomas Bradok AO

Apr. 8 Michael Torpy and Elizabeth Burk; wit. James Waters and William Kreekbaum AO

Apr. 22 I supplied marriage ceremonies for  John and Bridget Bety AO

same day, I supplied marriage ceremonies for Joseph Cross and Mary Rachel Rogers AO

May 15 I supplied marriage ceremonies for and Geoerge Thompson


Dec. 27 Henry Deaver and Sarah Ann Pearl; wit. W. Goulding and John Pearl AD


Feb. 27 Daniel O’nealy and Mary Mulligan; wit. Charles Daley and Joseph Pearl AO

Feb. 28 Peter Carroll and Anna WaIpol; wit. James Carroll and Joseph Pearl AD

Apr. 21 Philip KIipstine and Emeline Reese; wit. George and Catharine Thompson AO


Feb. 18 James P. Longstreth and Elenore Pearl; wit. Tilmon Deaver and Joseph Pearl AD

June 19 Thomas RaynoIds and Abigail Adelaide Clark; wit. Henry Reynolds and Marg. Onealy AO

Sep. 8 Michael Martin and Catharine Smith; wit. Joseph Hofer and n. Kusick AO


July 3 Edward Grogan and Julia Ch. Keenan;wit. George Hoy and Elizabeth Keenan T. O. Farrell

August 26 John Weiner and Abigail Longstrith; wit. George Fouts and Phoebe Weiner TOF

Dec.15 James Hamilton and Mary Whitacre; wit. Peter Antony and Mary Hamilton TOF


Jan. 27 James Martin and Ann Masterson; wit. Dennis S. Kelly and Mary Smith TOF

Feb. 7 Pius 1. Braddock and Frances Geiger; wit. William Conly and Elizabeth Gorden TOF


Feb. 17 Mathew Walpole and Lydia Anderson; wit. Mathew McGovern and Catharine

Walpole TOF

Feb. 28 Robert Bennett and Mary O’Connor; wit. William McGunugle and Elizabeth

Bennett. TOF

Feb. 29 George Riffle and Anna Hoey; wit. Elenore Gordon TOF


May 8 Patrick Haughran and Catharine Masterson; wit. [blank] Caughlin and Mary Kernan C. Daly

Aug. 15 Michael Farrell and Ann Cuming; wit. Andrew and Rose Masterson CD


Jan. 20 Daniel McCloskey and Bridget Rafferty; wit. James Rafferty and Mary McCloskey CD


Oct. [blankJ Richard Bennet and Elizabeth McDanell [spelled McDonnell in a duplicate

entry]; wit. John Cunningham and Elizabeth Toole James 1. Magee [O.P.]

Nov. 17 Terence O’Sullivan and Mary Donoghue; wit. John Devine and Mary Gately

James Magee


Jan. 1 Patrick Purcell and Elizabeth Grogan; wit. Mary Grogan and John Grogan JM

Jan. 17 Patrick Brennan and Anna Patten ? Philip Carroll a!!d Margaret Cunningham


Apr. 7 Peter Coyle and Alice McCulon; wit. William Golden and Dennis Corrigan JM

. ? Philip Carroll and Margaret Cunningham; wit. Elizabeth Cunningham and John

Cunningham 1M

Feb. 19 Hugh Shirkey and Susanna Aischele? JM

Jan. 20 Francis? Kronenbeater and Catharine Coyle; wit. Matilda Coyle JM. Magee

Feb. 20 Thomas Comlor and Mary Rogan; wit. James Devine and Phoebe Connon JM


Sept. 23 John Ward and Ann Skinneen; wit. Eugene Smith and Mary Catherine Skineen J. Monahan.


Feb. 9 Patrick Gormely and Mary Sweeny; wit. James McHugh and Mary Fagan J. Monahan

3 Responses to “Chapel Hill St. Francis Marriage Records, 1841 -1857”

  1. ruth Rocco said

    I am ooking for the framily of MIchael Mallen who married Alice Murtagh around 1841 in Chapel Hill, Ohio, both born in Ireland. They were the parents of 12 children, John, Mary, Ann, Catherine, Martha, Louisa, Frances, Bernard, Henry, Michael jr, and Alice. All born in Chapel H8ill between 1842 and 1867. looking for any record on this family, birth deeath baptismal, marriage. All help will be apopreciated.

  2. Please respond to me if this page is still alive.

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