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Shawnee, Ohio

Monday Creek, St. Peter, the Old Stone Church

Posted by JRW on October 20, 2010

From the Bulletin of the Catholic Record Society of Columbus

Vol. XVIII, No. 10 Oct. 4: St. Francis of Assisi at Chapel Hill

October, AD. 2003

The Catholic community of Monday Creek included over a hundred farming families, some living in Jackson Township to the north and Falls Gore Township, Hocking County, to the southwest. In March, 1844 John and Catherine McDonald and John and Margaret Hoy donated land for the church and graveyard, lying west of Monday Creek in Salt Lick Township. The foundation of the stone church was under way at Christmas, 1844; the cornerstone was laid in 1845; and when Bishop Purcell visited in September of 1848 the handsome church was under roof but not yet complete. An account of Purcell’s visit stated that the building of the church was all “accomplished by the zeal and generosity of one Catholic, who built the Church without calculating when or how payment could be made.” Elsewhere it is stated that Timothy Fagan was the builder. However, others did contribute. The McDonalds and Hoys donated the land and Father Daly noted that about the end of 1849, when he obtained funds for his missions by begging in Cincinnati, “all agreed” that St. Peter’s should be finished first with these funds. Purcell visited again on August 2, 1850 when he confirmed thirty and dedicated the church under the invocation of St. Peter, Prince of the Apostles.

The church served the community until 1880, when St. Mary Church was opened nearby in Shawnee, then a booming coal-mining town, and old St. Peter’s was closed. The building collapsed in 1911. In the 1960s some of its stones were moved into Shawnee and erected into a shrine at St. Mary’s

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