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Shawnee, Ohio

East Side Mine # 9

Posted by littlecitiesarchive on October 5, 2010

Front Row: second miner from left is Dave Tharp.  The seventh miner is Mine Boss Fred Wyles, the 10th is Angus :Yank” MacEachen and No. 11 is named Elswick

This mine is located at the east side of Luddington (near Hemlock) in Perry County.



3 Responses to “East Side Mine # 9”

  1. Skip Ricketts said

    The 10th miner identified as Angus Maceshen is misspelled. The correct spelling is Angus MacEachen. In the Shawnee area it was pronounced “Magitchin” but in the New Lexington area,in later years, they pronounced MacEachen with the accent on the “E”.

  2. Anyone have a rough idea what year this picture was taken? (And thanks, Skip, for that correction, or I’d never found this wonderful picture.)

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