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Eclipse Mine- Hocking Valley Mining Company

Posted by littlecitiesarchive on August 19, 2010

Eclipse Mine- Hocking Valley Mining Company

Eclipse   1900’s

LC-PH- 383

2 Responses to “Eclipse Mine- Hocking Valley Mining Company”

  1. Sally Price said

    My grandfather, William J. McDonald, father, Hubert D. McDonald, and great uncle Clarence McDonald all worked here during WW II. My grandfather ran the retail coal company, called McDonald Coal Company, for Ed Cottingham, the operator of the mine. My father ran the hoist. Uncle Clarence was a machinist. My grandfather, William J. McDonald started as a coal miner in Jackson County in the Hanging Rock Region. He said he was so young when he started that he had to have wheels on his dinner bucket!

    Sally McDonald Price, Corona, CA

    • Claudia Ludi said

      Hi Mrs. Sally Price,

      My name is Claudia and I am a senior studying at Ohio University.I have been researching company towns in the Athens area like Eclipse for my Politics of Appalachia course. I would love to learn more about your experiences at Eclipse. Please let me know if you would be willing to speak with me either over the phone or through email about life at Eclipse. I would greatly appreciate any information you would like to shared with me, it would be extremely beneficial to my research.

      Thank you so much! Please feel free to contact me at (740) 602-3504 or by email at

      -Claudia Ludi

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