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West Main Street View

Posted by littlecitiesarchive on August 9, 2010

Unidentified Men

Corning   1959

LC-PH- 355

4 Responses to “West Main Street View”

  1. John Murphy said

    I think the man on the right is my grandfather Frank Murphy who lived in Millertown. I have compared this photo to family photos where he is wearing the same hat. He was born in 1873, died in 1969 at age 96. He and my grandmother Anna lived in the last house on the main road through Millertown. He walked down to Corning almost everyday and caught a ride back home. During the summers when I would visit, I accompanied him on the trips downtown and we always stopped in that bar where the “liquor” sign is in the background. My grandfather had a shot of whiskey and I had a Coke. He was a retired coal miner, a fox hunter and a well respected man in the area.

    • Sue McDonough Steinmetz said

      I am certain that the man on the right is our grandfather, Frank Murphy as John Murphy stated above. The man on the left may be Tommy Charleton who live on the east side hill as I remember.

    • Teri McDonough Scott said

      You are so correct… I never got to go into Churry’s (sp?) until I was much older… I guess that’s because I was a little girl and I believe his youngest grandchild.

  2. Teri McDonough Scott said

    The man on the right is Frank Murphy, my grandfather who would have been 86 in this picture. He lived up the hill in Millertown!
    Teri Scott (

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