The Little Cities Archive

Shawnee, Ohio

The O’Bear Hotel

Posted by littlecitiesarchive on July 22, 2010

On April 23, 1872, Anna O’Bear purchased Lot No.8 and 9 in Shawnee. The old Gordon Farmhouse was located on the back side of these lots and Mrs. O’Bear built the large hotel on the side of this and operated the O’Bear Hotel.  On October 3, 1891, President McKinley spoke from the porch of this Hotel during his successful run for Governor in Ohio.  He  visited again on Oct 23, 1893 when running for reelection.  After the turn of the century, C.J. Griffith purchased the hotel property and converted the hotel into a large store.  He had earlier been associated with Wm. Davy in the store business.  In 1904, Mrs. O’Bear  moved to Newark, Ohio.  Decorations in this picture are believed to be either for the arrival of McKinley, or at the time of his assassination in 1901.

Shawnee, Ohio 1872- early 1900’s


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