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Shawnee, Ohio


Posted by littlecitiesarchive on July 4, 2010

Last First Town Mine Year(s) Union(s) Notes
Babbs Henry Hemlock 1907
Bachelor Nathan Floodwood 1907
Backus Phil New Straitsville 1907
Bacon E. Floodwood 1907
Badgely Al Glouster 1907
Bagley Chas Kimberly #204 1910 June20, small bonein leg broken mvng minemach. Age
Bailey B. Glouster 1907
Bailey Brick New Straitsville Straitsville Mining Co.l 4/15/1881
Bailey D. S. Oakdale 1907
Bailey Frank Santoy 1907
Bailey H. H. Nelsonville 1907
Bailey Henry Oakdale 1907
Bailey Henry Corning 1907
Bailey J. T. New Straitsville Straitsville Mining Co.l 5/15/1881
Bailey James Glouster 1907
Bailey Jas Nelsonville 1907
Bailey Jas Luhrig 1907
Bailey John Santoy 1907
Bailey John New Straitsville Straitsville Mining Co. 8/15/1881
Bailey Milt Nelsonville 1907
Bailey Nick Glouster 1907
Bailey Pierce New Straitsville Straitsville Mining Co. 8/15/1881
Bailey T. H. Crooksville 1907
Bailey Thos Hollister 1907
Bailey W. J. New Straitsville 1907
Bailey William H. Athens Township Mining expert
Bailey Wm Glouster 1907
Bailiss Geo Nelsonville 1907
Bailiss Jas M Nelsonville 1907 Mine Boss
Bailiss Wm Glouster 1907
Baillie James L. Shawnee XX 1872-76
Baillie John Shawnee XX 1872-83? Mine Foreman
Baillie ( Bailey) John Shawnee XX 1888 witness to May 1888 death of Reese Jones, foreman)
Baily Mike C&HC&I#25,27 scab 1885
Bainter Chas Crooksville 1907
Baird Bob Athens 1907
Baird Chas Rose Farm 1907
Baird D. Ohio Miners Amalg.
Baird D. D. Crooksville 1907
Baird Daniel Athens Township
Baird Frank Luhrig 1907
Baird Frank Athens Township
Baird Homer Nelsonville 1907
Baird Lawrence Murray City 1907
Baird R. F. Athens 1907
Baird Robert Luhrig 1907
Baird Wm Luhrig 1907
Baird Jr. John Trimble 1907
Baird Sr. John Trimble 1907
Baker Chas Jacksonville 1907
Baker Chas Murray 1907
Baker Chas Crooksville 1907
Baker Ed Crooksville 1907
Baker Ernest District 6 UMW
Baker Gus Jacksonville 1907
Baker Hiram Buchtel 1907
Baker John Shawnee 1907
Baker Lee Redford 1907
Baker S. M. C&HC&I#25,27 scab 1885
Baker Thos Crooksville 1907
Baker Wm Crooksville 1907
Balch Earnest Murray 1907
Balderson Frank Glouster 1907
Balderson Harry Glouster 1907
Baldy M Rendville 1907
Balis Wm Glouster 1907
Balkenhold Wm Corning 1907
Ball Ben Nelsonville 1907
Ball Chas Buchtel 1907
Ball Emery Beaumont 1907
Ball Harry Nelsonville 1907
Ball John Trimble 1907
Ball John Nelsonville 1907
Ball Mark Buchtel 1907
Ballard Clyde Nelsonville 1907
Ballard Jas Chauncey 1907
Ballos W. H. Glouster 1907
Balogh Jos Santoy 1907
Banfield Arthur Glouster 1907
Banfield B. F. Glouster 1907
Banfield Cecil Glouster 1907
Banfield Fred Orbiston 1907
Banfield J. H. Monday 1907
Banfield Steve Glouster 1907
Banfield Wm Glouster 1907 NPU
Banford Jas Glouster 1907
Banks Andrew Logan 1907
Barber Chas Glouster 1907
Barber Earl Kimberly #204 1910 Sept.20, leg broken below knee by mine car,age18
Barber Jared Longstreth 1907
Barber John Nelsonville 1907
Barber Jos Jacksonville #254 1910 May 9, hips inj. Fell from tipple, age52
Barber Lewis C&HC&I#25,27 scab 1885
Barber S. W. Monday 1907
Barber Wm Nelsonville 1907
Barber Sr. Jared Monday 1907
Barch Harvey Athens 1907
Barclay A. Longstreth Longstreth 1874 Leg broke, Oct. 16
Barclay David. Jacksonville District 6 UMW KOL & NPU Joint OH KOL & NPU
Barcus Chas Saltillo 1907
Bard Henry New Straitsville Straitsville Cooperative 12/1887
Bard Jas. New Straitsville Straitsville Cooperative 12/1887
Bariden J. M. Jacksonville 1907 Mine Foreman
Barker Edward Athens Township Day labor production
Barker Henry Beaumont 1907
Barker John Crooksville 1907
Barker John Santoy 1907
Barker Wm Redfield 1907
Barker Wm Nelsonville 1907 Weighman
Barksdale A. New Straitsville Troy 1874 Run over by cars, Leg broke, badly bruised Dec. 18
Barlo John Congo 1907
Barner Wm Crooksville 1907
Barnes Charles Allen Trimble/Oakdale Geo. Jones #267 1918 District 6 UMW 1918 inj. Roof fall, horse attendant and loader
Barnes Ira Athens 1907
Barnes Jay AEP Muskingum
Barnes Martin New Straitsville Straitsville Mining Co. 1/15/1882
Barnes Robert Nelsonville 1907
Barnes Wm Crooksville 1907
Barnett Fred Corning 1907
Barnett John Rendville 1907
Barnett Jos Rendville 1907
Barnett Sam Rendville 1907
Barnett Wm Congo 1907
Barnhart Henry Buchtel 1907
Barnhart John Glouster 1907
Barnhart Percy Glouster 1907
Barnharts several Crooksville Tropic 1920s
Barnhouse C. A. Beaumont 1907
Barrell Clay Hemlock 1907
Barrell Henry Hemlock 1907
Barrell Pearl Hemlock 1907
Barrell R. Hemlock 1907
Barrett Arthur Trimble 1907
Barrett James Shawnee Roseville 1860-72
Barrett Jas Jacksonville 1907
Barrett Jas Trimble 1907
Barrett Jim Corning 1905-27
Barrett Joe Corning
Barrett Jos. New Straitsville Straitsville Mining Co.l 10/15/1881
Barrett Pat Jacksonville 1907
Barrett Wm. New Straitsville Straitsville Mining Co. 4/15/1881
Barrett Wm. New Straitsville J.B. Doe & Co. 8/15/1882
Barringer Asa McLuney 1907
Barringer B. F.. McLuney 1907
Barringer Burney Rose Farm 1907
Barringer Ed Rose Farm 1907
Barringer Frank McLuney 1907
Barron Chas Nelsonville 1907
Barron Ira Marshfield 1907
Barron John Marshfield 1907
Barron Martin New Straitsville Straitsville Mining Co.l 1/15/1882
Barrows Jas Nelsonville 1907
Barrows John Nelsonville 1907
Barrows Perry Trimble 1907
Barrows Wm. New Straitsville Straitsville Mining Co. 5/15/1882
Barsock Harvey Glouster 1907
Barsock Sam Floodwood 1907
Barstley Nick Santoy 1907
Barstow Corky Carbondale#2 1960s
Barstow Ed Buchtel 1907
Barstow H. Murray 1907
Barstow John Buchtel 1907
Barstow Jos Hocking 1907
Barstow Levi Trimble 1907
Bartel C. N. Nelsovnille 1907
Bartel Henry Glouster 1907
Bartel Peter Glouster 1907
Bartelett John Buchtel 1907
Bartels Peter Glouster S.C. #256 1910 killedcollision,mine car trips June 18,1910
Barthinour Jas Santoy 1907
Bartoe Andy Murray 1907
Bartoe Jake Nelsonville 1907
Bartoe John Buchtel 1907
Bartoe Mach Nelsonville 1907
Barton Bud Bristol Blosser
Barton Thos Congo 1907
Basa Jabos Rose Farm 1907
Bascome Geo Rose Farm 1907
Bash Geo McLuney 1907
Bash Harry Roseville 1907
Bash Jesse McLuney 1907
Bashop Jas Carrington 1907
Bass Aaron Crooksville 1907 foreman
Bass Frank Blatchford 1907
Bass J. D. Nelsonville 1907
Bassett William H. Wadsworth Federation KOL & NPU Joint Joint Coal Operators
Bateman Carl Nelsonville 1907
Bateman Dan Jobs 1907
Bateman Daniel Nelsonville 1907
Bateman Daniel Buchtel N.Y. #36 1910 Nov.25,back & bowesl inj. Struckby minecar, age 64
Bateman Ed Nelsonville 1907
Bateman Frank Nelsonville 1907
Bateman Jas Nelsonville 1907
Bateman John Nelsonville 1907
Bateman Ralph Nelsonville 1907
Bateman Wm Glouster 1907
Bates Ed Shawnee 1907
Bates Evart Hemlock 1907
Bates John Carrington 1907
Bates Wm Carrington 1907
Bateson Chas McLuney 1907
Bateson Dudley McLuney 1907
Bateson Guy McLuney 1907
Bateson Harry McLuney 1907
Bateson Wm McLuney 1907
Batton Chas Gore 1907
Batton Geo Buchtel 1907
Bauer Delmar Trimble Mine #6, Millfield 1930 killed in Millfield explosion age 19
Bauer John Trimble Mine #6, Millfield 1930 killed in Millfield explosion, age 59son is Delmar
Bauer Lewis Beaumont 1907
Baugh Richard Nelsonville 1907
Baugher Chester Dillon 1907
Baugher Earl Roseville 1907
Baugher Frank McLuney 1907
Baugher John Crooksville 1907
Baugher Robert Hemlock 1907
Baugher Wm H. Hemlock 1907
Baughman Jno G. Crooksville 1907
Baumgardner Thos. New Straitsville Jobs & Co. 12/15/1881 check ledger for team info.
Baxter Wm Monday 1907
Bay Chas V. Blatchford 1907
Bay T. V. Nelsonville 1907
Bayes B. F. Glouster 1897
Bayles Geo Nelsonville 1907
Bayles Jas Glouster 1907
Bayles John Nelsonville 1907
Bea Joe Glouster 1907
Beal A.W. Nelsonville 1907
Beal Chas Glouster 1907
Beal Clarence Floodwood S. C.#201 1910 killed fall of slate Oct.25, age21
Beal Fred Goose Run 1907
Beal Geo Blatchford 1907
Beal Herbert Roseville 1907
Beal I. W. Glouster 1907
Beal John Blatchford 1907
Beal Walter Floodwood S.C. #201 1910 Killed fall of slate, Oct.25, age 28
Beal Wm Roseville 1907
Bealer Jos Blatchford 1907
Bean Milo Athens 1907
Beard John Trimble 1907
Beard Stanley Jobs Jobs #1 Feb.19, leg inj. Fall coal, age27
Bearing Andy Murray 1907
Bearman John Murray City 1883
Beattey Carlos W. Zanesville Sunnyhill Mine, Perry Co. b.5-8-1937, d.2-21-2008, Supt of Mine
Beattie David Nelsonville 1907
Beattie Fred Nelsonville 1907
Beattie Jas Nelsonville 1907
Beatty L. M. Pike Run/ Sherrardsville, Barn Hill District 6 UMW K of L KOL & NPU Joint OH KOL & NPU
Beatty Thos. New Straitsville Straitsville Mining Co.l 5/15/1882
Beaver Jos Blatchford 1907
Bebout Paul AEP Muskingum
Beckler J. B. Carbondale 1907
Beckler Paul Nelsonville 1907
Beckley Geo. Luhrig Luhrig Dec.16, back inj. Fall slate, age 55
Beckley Marion Marshfield 1907
Becktold Henry Myers Crossing Imperial 1910 Aug.11,face & backscalded,boiler pipe burst age 45
Beckwich, Beckwith? John 1889 crushed in coal mine 10-12-1889
Beddew Thomas Derthick 1907
Bee John Glouster 1907
Bee Jos Glouster 1907
Bee Thos Glouster 1907
Beebee Frank Beaumont 1907
Beenes Ben New Straitsville 1907
Beerman J. C. Murray 1907
Beerman Peter Nelsonville 1907
Beery J.S. Shawnee XX 1888 witness to May 1888 death of Reese Jones
Bege S. C. Nelsonville 1907
Begland H. C. New Straitsville 1907
Beirch Harvey Athens 1907
Bell Abel Jacksonville 1907
Bell C.S. C&HC&I#25,27 scab 1885
Bell Geo New Lexington 1907
Bell Harry Nelsonville 1907
Bell John Corning 1907
Bell R. Doansville 1907
Bell Robert Corning 1907
Bell W. A. Jacksonville 1907
Belton Geo Glouster 1907
Beltz Chas Marshfield 1907
Benedict Andy Hemlock 1907
Benedict Jos Hemlock 1907
Benedict Wm. New Straitsville J.B. Doe & Co. 7/15/1882
Benford Jas Glouster 1907
Bennett A.J. Kittanning KOL & NPU Joint OH KOL & NPU
Bennett Arthur Glouster 1907
Bennett Dow Jobs Buckeye Coal Co. 1903 fall of slate, 6-13-1903
Bennett Frank Nelsonviille 1907
Bennett Geo Corning 1907
Bennett J. L. Crooksville 1907
Bennett J. W. Murray 1907
Bennett Jas New Lexington 1907
Bennett John Murray 1907
Bennett John Nelsonville 1907
Bennett T. Nelsonville 1907
Bennett Tally Nelsonville 1907
Bennett Thos Murray 1907
Bennett W. T. Nelsonville 1907
Bennitt Loving Nelsonville 1907
Bensenburg Henry Comly 1907
Benson Thomas Shawnee KOL & NPU Joint
Benson Thos. New Straitsville Straitsville Mining Co.l 4/15/1881
Benson Thos. New Straitsville J.B. Doe & Co. 7/15/1882
Bentley A. B. Blatchford 1907
Bentley Howard Corning 1907
Bentley Isaac C&HC&I#25,27 scab 1885
Bentley Jas Blatchford 1907
Bentley John Athens 1907
Bentley Wm. New Straitsville Straitsville Mining Co.l 2/15/1882
Berchard John Nelsonville 1907
Bergin Joseph R. Philo Mine #6, Millfield 1930 killed in Millfield explosion,suptOhio Power age49
Bergoon Chas. New Straitsville Straitsville Mining Co. 10/15/1881
Bergoon J. New Straitsville Straitsville Mining Co. 5/15/1882
Bernard Aaron Glouster 1907
Bernard Geo Jacksonville 1907
Bernard John Trimble 1907
Bernard Martin Trimble 1907
Bernard Wm Trimble 1907
Bernes Wm. New Straitsville Straitsville Mining Co.l 4/15/1881
Berrisford John Rose Farm 1907
Berry J.H. District 6 UMW
Berry P. W. Oakdale 1907
Berry/Biery Joshua New Straitsville Straitsville Mining Co. 4/15/1881
Berta Mike Modock 1907
Bertram W. Rose Farm 1907
Berumia Anti Corning 1907
Bescoe Geo Beaumont 1907
Beshford Lenard Crooksville Tropic 1920s
Bess S. Comley 1907
Bess Wm Crooksville 1907
Besser John Redfield 1907
Besser Wilbur Redfield 1907
Bethel Chas Glouster 1907
Bethel Clarence Hollister 1907
Bethel J. F. Glouster 1907
Betts Chas Carbondale 1907
Betts Ed Nelsonville 1907
Betts Ed New Straitsville Jobs & Co. 12/15/1881 check ledger for team info.
Betts Ed New Straitsville Straitsville Mining Co. 4/15/1881
Betts Harry Hemlock 1907
Betts Harry New Straitsville Straitsville Mining Co. 9/15/1881
Betts Pearl Nelsonville 1907
Betts Ross New Straitsville Straitsville Mining Co. 10/15/1881
Betts Ross New Straitsville J.B. Doe & Co. 8/15/1882
Beverage Guy Marshfield 1907
Beverage Jas Marshfield 1907
Bevin Ben New Straitsville Straitsville Mining Co. 8/15/1881
Bevin D. R. New Straitsville Straitsville Mining Co. 10/15/1881
Bevish Andy Hollister 1907
Bexfield Herschel Nelsonville 1907
Bickerton Geo. New Straitsville J.B. Doe & Co. 7/15/1882
Bickley Chas Glouster 1907
Bickley Phineas Hollister 1907
Bickley Sam Hollister 1907
Bicofsky Jacob Trimble 1907
Biddisin Jr. Wm Lyonsdale 1907
Bierman Jno. New Straitsville Straitsville Mining Co.l 2/15/1882
Bigenwald M. C&HC&I#25,27 scab 1885
Biggins J. A. Stewart 1907
Biggory Albert New Straitsville Plummer Hill 1876 Fell of chutes outside, killed May 11, 1876
Biggs E. Murray City 1907
Bigrig Robert Dillon 1907
Bigrigg John Shawnee Shawnee 1873
Bijooski J Jacksonville 1907
Billbook John C&HC&I#25,27 scab 1885
Binderbasen Albert Jacksonville 1907
Binderbasen Frank Jacksonville 1907
Binderbasen Fred Jacksonville 1907
Binderbasen Herman Jacksonville 1907
Binderbasen Richard Jacksonville 1907
Binderbasen Jr. John Jacksonville 1907
Binderbasen Sr. John Jacksonville 1907
Binford J. R. Glouster 1907
Binkler R. A. Glouster RFD 1907
Bircher John Nelsonville 1907
Bircher Robert Nelsonville 1907
Bircher Wm Nelsonville 1907
Birchfield Isaac Glouster 1907
Birchfield Jas Doanville 1907
Birchfield Wm Beaumont 1907
Bird Geo New Straitsville 1907
Bird Jos Shawnee 1907
Bird Rufus C&HC&I#25,27 scab 1885
Birge Jack Doansville 1907
Bishop Albert Nelsonville 1907
Bishop Allen Nelsonville 1907
Bishop Carl Glouster 1907
Bishop Grant Moxahala 1907
Bishop William Forrest Somerset Perry Co. truckdriver formines, b.12-17-1917,d.10-1-2006
Bitmer Chas Rose Farm 1907
Bittner Chas Murray 1907
Bittner Peter Murray 1907
Bivens Ben New Straitsville 1907
Bivens Jas Murray City 1907
Bivens John New Straitsville 1907
Black Andy Carrington 1907
Black Ben Nelsonville 1907
Blackburn Jos Santoy 1907
Blackburn S. S. Nelsonville 1907
Blackford Earl 1920 Fall of slate, 10-27-1920
Blackford Lewis Sand Run Carbon Hill Co. #1 1912 fall of rock, 3-2-1912
Blackson Chas Santoy 1907
Blackston Chas Santoy 1907
Blackston Wm Nelsonville 1907
Blackwell Louis Santoy 1907
Blackwell Thos Corning 1907
Blaire Sanford Crooksville 1907
Blake Andrew Sand Run 1907
Blake Reuben New Straitsville Straitsville Mining Co. 1015/1881
Blake Wm Dillon 1907
Blakeley W. Ohio Miners Amalg.
Blanchard A. L. Sand Run 1907
Bland Charles New Pittsburg New Pittsburg 1899 fallof slate, 2-8-1899
Blaney Cass Rose Farm 1907
Blaney Frank Dillon 1907
Blaney John New Straitsville 1907
Blaney Jos Crooksville 1907
Blaney M. K. Crooksville 1907
Blaney Ross Crooksville 1907
Blaney W. H. Dillon 1907
Blankenship Jas. C&HC&I#25,27 scab 1885
Blausett J. S. New Straitsville Straitsville Cooperative 9/1888
Blausett T. P. New Straitsville Straitsville Cooperative 10/1888
Blee Jas. New Straitsville Straitsville Mining Co. 9/15/1881
Bloomfield Wm Glouster 1907
Blosser Charles New Straitsville
Blosser Cork Bristol, Blosser
Blosser Francis Bristol Blosser
Blosser Homer New Straitsville
Blosser John W. Bristol, Blosser, Funk jaw broken by slab of rock fall
Blosser Levi Nelsonville 1907
Blosser Roger Bristol Blosser
Blosser Walter G. Bristol,Carbondale Blosser, Walter Blosser Walter had own mine at Carbondale
Blosser William L. New Straitsville
Blosser Wm Crooksville 1907
Blosser 1st Homer New Straitsville Lost Run
Blosser II Homer Bristol, New Lex. Blosser, Peabody Bl. Mine Bristol Hill bottom, Francis Blosser land
Blossers several Crooksville Tropic 1920s
Blower Phil Glouster 1907
Blower Ted Glouster 1907
Blower Thos Glouster 1907
Boaling Solomon Blatchford 1907
Boals A. Redfield 1907
Boals C. Santoy 1907
Boals D. G. Santoy 1907
Boals John Corning 1907
Boals Sam New Straitsville Straitsville Mining Co. 4/15/1881
Bobo C. B. Mineral 1907
Bobo Chas Marshfield 1907
Bobo Foster Marshfield 1907
Bobo Geo Athens 1907
Bobo John Athens 1907
Bobo Marionj Mineral 1907
Bobo Will Mineral 1907
Bodauer Jno. New Straitsville Straitsville Cooperative 12/1887
Bodauer John New Straitsville Straitsville Cooperative 2/1888
Bode Geo Glouster 1907
Boden Benjamin K of L KOL & NPU Joint
Boden Lenard Marshfield 1907
Bodkins Chas Mineral 1907
Bodkins John Mineral 1907
Bodkins Levi Mineral 1907
Bodoe Geo Glouster 1907
Bodoe John Hollister 1907
Body Andy Santoy 1907
Body Frank Santoy 1907
Body Louis Santoy 1907
Boff R. G. Crooksville 1907
Boggs J. L. Nelsonville 1907
Boggs J. S. Beaumont 1907
Bogus Wm Marshfield 1907
Boldson Mike Congo 1907
Bolin Frank Glouster 1907
Bolin Sanford Lyonsdale 1907
Bolin Wm Glouster 1907
Boling Harold Longstreth Mine 1939
Bolinger Wm Trimble 1907
Bolish James C&HC&I#25,27 scab 1885
Bols Arlie Nelsonville 1907
Bolsh Win Nelsovnille 1907
Bonco Frank Glouster 1907
Bond Oscar Shady Hill
Bondy Steve Congo 1907
Bonner John 1907
Bonnett J. W. Murray 1907
Bonsense Jacob Hemlock 1907
Boofman Wm Glouster 1907
Booker R. A. Rendville 1907
Boothman Wm Hollister 1907
Border B. H. Athens 1907
Border S. E. Millfield 1907
Borrows John Nelsonville 1907
Borwn Frank New Straitsville Central Mine 1876 Fall of slate, leg broken and hurt on head Sept.26
Bosby Wm Santoy 1907
Bothcoa Steve Misco 1907
Botsco Andy Congo 1907
Botts John Jacksonville 1907
Boughman J. Hemlock District 6 UMW
Bowden T. S. New Straitsville Straitsville Cooperative 9/1888
Bowen Charles S. 1919 fall of slate, 9-13-1919
Bowen Geo Glouster 1907
Bowen Jacob Glouster 1907
Bowen Thos Glouster 1907
Bowers Calvin Monday 1907
Bowers David Blatchford 1907
Bowers Dow Nelsonville 1907
Bowers Geo Monday 1907
Bowers Jeff Nelsonville 1907
Bowers John Nelsonville 1907
Bowers Lewis Murray 1907
Bowers Pearl Athens 1907
Bowers Thos Nelsonville 1907
Bowers Wm Blatchford 1907
Bowersock Harley Glouster 1907
Bowersock Orley Glouster 1907
Bowersock Sam Beaumont 1907
Bowersock Vest Beaumont 1907
Bowland Berl New Straitsville 1907
Bowles David Nelsonville 1907
Bowling D. Blatchford 1907
Bowling Sam Blatchford 1907
Bowns Thos D. Glouster 1907
boy unknown Haydenville Haydenville 1874 killed 1874 run over by cars, unknown date, name
Boyle Clifford Clarence Shawnee b 1890, died 1917
Boyle Fred Glouster 1907
Boyle John New Straitsville Straitsville Mining Co. 7/15/1881
Boyle Paul A. New Straitsville New Straitsville 1940s-
Boyles Clifford Clarence New Straitsville 1890-1917 born 9-30-1890 died 6-26-1917
Bozman Morgan Hemlock 1907
Bozway Mike Hemlock 1907
Bracken Pat Chauncey 1907
Bradbury James Murray City 1907
Bradbury James Murray,Ben Wood 1902 District 6 UMW del.LU# 394,#1667,#788,
Bradbury Jr. Wm Murray City 1907
Bradbury Sr. Wm Murray City 1907
Braddock Joe New Straitsville Wm. Job & Co. 2/15/1882
Braddock Joe New Straitsville Straitsville Mining Co. 9/15/1882
Braddock Scott New Straitsville Straitsville Cooperative 10/1888
Braddock Jr. Wm Glouster 1907
Braddock Sr. Wm Glouster 1907
Bradley Ben Crooksville 1907
Bradley Geo. New Straitsville J.B. Doe & Co. 7/15/1882
Bradley Leo Hemlock 1907
Bradley Sam New Straitsville Straitsville Mining Co. 10/15/1881
Bradshaw Albert Crooksville 1907
Bradshaw Chas Crooksville 1907
Bradshaw Elia Crooksville 1907
Bradshaw Seymour Crooksville 1907
Bradshaw Wm Crooksville 1907
Brady F. P. Nelsonville 1907
Brady Jas Buchtel 1907
Braidwood Andrew Corning 1907 Boss
Braidwood Andrew Buckingham District 6 UMW
Braley John Athens Township Firman bank?
Brammer Wat Trimble 1907
Branch Simon C&HC&I#25,27 scab 1885
Brandeberry O. Corning 1907 Foreman
Brandenburg P. H. Nelsonville 1907
Brandenburg V. B. Luhrig 1907
Brandenburg W. V. Nelsonville 1907
Brannigan Geo Nelsonville 1907
Brannigan Jr. Jas Nelsonville 1907
Brannon C&HC&I#25,27 scab 1885
Brannon Grant Nelsonville 1907
Bratton Chas Cambridge 1907
Bratton Dunk Dillon 1907
Bratton E. Dillon KOL & NPU Joint OH KOL & NPU
Bratton Wm Dillon 1907
Braumen Jack C&HC&I#25,27 scab 1885
Braumen Moses C&HC&I#25,27 scab 1885
Bray Finn Nelsonville 1907
Breeckner E. Doansville 1907
Breeze Chas New Straitsville 1907
Breeze Harry New Straitsville 1907
Breeze John New Straitsville 1907
Breeze Wm New Straitsville 1907
Brentford Jas Glouster 1907
Brewer Chas Luhrig 1907
Brewer Earl Santoy 1907
Brewer J. H. Nelsonville 1907
Brewer John Nelsonville 1907
Brewer Nathan Trimble 1907
Brewer Wm Blatchford 1907
Brice James Beaumont 1907
Bricker Lott Beaumont 1907
Bricker Peter Beaumont 1907
Bricker R. Beaumont 1907
Bricker Jr. Wm Beaumont 1907
Bricker Sr. Wm Beaumont 1907
Brickles Herbert Congo 1907
Bridge John Murray 1907
Bridge John New Straitsville Straitsville Mining Co.l 4/15/1881
Bridge Lawrence New Straitsville Straitsville Mining Co. 4/15/1881
Bridge V. New Straitsville J.B. Doe & Co. 7/15/1882
Bridge Viola Murray 1907
Bridge Wm Marshfield 1907
Bridgewater Esau Chauncey 1907
Briggs Wm Corning 1907
Bright A. New Straitsville Wm. Job & Co. 2/15/1882
Bright Carlos New Straitsville 1907
Bright Marion Santoy 1907
Briley Chas Blatchford 1907
Briley Frank Carbon Hill 1907
Briley H.P. Carbon Hill
Briley Wm Carbon Hill 1907
Brimton Geo McLuney 1907
Brindow Jno Murray City 1907
Brinkman H. Corning 1907
Broadis Anthony Longstreth Longstreth 1875 caught between cars, body bruised
Brochner Earnest Pigeon Roost 1907
Brock Wm Hemlock 1907
Brooker Fred 1919 fall of slate, 9-20-1919
Brooker Peter Longstretch 1907
Brookins Guy Millfield 1907
Brookins Howard Millfield 1907
Brookins Martin Millfield 1907
Brooks Albert Mineral 1907
Brooks C. C. Mineral 1907
Brooks Chas Nelsonville 1907
Brooks Frank Nelsonville 1907
Brooks Geo Murray 1907
Brooks H. B. Glouster 1907
Brooks Howard Millfield 1907
Brooks J. S. New Straitsville 1907
Brooks Jacob Nelsonville 1907
Brooks Jasper Glouster 1907
Brooks Joe New Straitsville 1907
Brooks John Marshfield 1907
Brooks Peter Murray 1907
Brooks Rias Nelsonville 1907
Brooks S. B. Kippling 1907
Brooks W. C. Marshfield 1907
Brooks W. M. Marshfield 1907
Brooks Wm A. Glouster 1907
Brown A. L. Jacksonville 1907
Brown A. W. Crooksville 1907
Brown Albert Murray City 1907
Brown Alfred C&HC&I#25,27 scab 1885
Brown Alva Nelsonville 1907
Brown Andrew Nelsonville Joint Coal Operators
Brown B. Crooksville 1907
Brown Bennett Tuscarawas Valley Ohio Miners Association State Convention 1880 Ohio Miners Amalg.
Brown Brolin Athens Township
Brown Burt McLuney 1907
Brown Charles AEP Muskingum
Brown Chas Crooksville 1907
Brown Clarence Santoy 1907
Brown E. R. Crooksville 1907
Brown Elias Athens 1907
Brown Fin McLuney 1907
Brown Frank Crooksville 1907
Brown Frank Shawnee 1907
Brown Frank C&HC&I#25,27 scab 1885
Brown Frank L. McLuney 1907
Brown Fred Crooksville 1907
Brown Geo Portersville 1907
Brown George William Millfield Mine #6, Millfield 1930 killed in Millfield explosion age 32
Brown Gilbert Glouster 1907
Brown Guy Crooksville 1907
Brown Harry Logan 1907 Boss
Brown I. Glouster 1907
Brown J. D. Congo 1907
Brown J. E. New Straitsville Straitsville Mining Co. 9/15/1882
Brown J. K. Athens 1907
Brown Jas Jacksonville 1907
Brown John Santoy 1907
Brown John H. Nelsonville 1907
Brown L. H. Athens 1907
Brown Lewis McLuney 1907
Brown Nicholas New Pittsburg New Pittsburg #8 1911 fall of coal, 10-16-1911
Brown on C&HC&I#25,27 scab 1885
Brown P.J. District 6 UMW
Brown Richard Nelsonville 1907
Brown Richard Athens Township
Brown Robert Jacksonville 1907
Brown Sam Crooksville 1907
Brown Sam Colburn Millfield Mine #6, Millfield 1930 killed in Millfield explosion age 29
Brown T. B. Rendville 1907
Brown Thomas Athens Township
Brown Thos A. McLuney 1907
Brown W. G. Doansville 1907
Brown W. J. Crooksville 1907
Brown W. P. Santoy 1907
Brown W. R. McLuney 1907
Brown William Athens Township
Brown William Jacksonville Mine #6, Millfield 1930 killed in Millfield explosion age 49
Brown William J. Athens Township patient State Hospital
Brown Wm Jacksonville 1907
Brown Zac Newshartsville 1907
Browning Ben Buchtel 1907
Browning Chas Nelsonville 1907
Browning Miles Roseville 1907
Browns several Crooksville Tropic 1920s
Brunton Jas Glouster 1907
Brunton Jos Congo 1907
Bryan Aaron Jobs 1907
Bryan Chas Nelsonville 1907
Bryan Diskaut Glouster 1907
Bryan Ed Jobs 1907
Bryan Frank Blatchford 1907
Bryan H. Luhrig 1907
Bryan J. W. Corning 1907
Bryan Jas Nelsonville 1907
Bryan Jes Jacksonville 1907
Bryan John Misco 1907
Bryan Jos Hollister 1907
Bryan Sam Jobs 1907
Bryan Thos Blatchford 1907
Bryan William Somers 1892 died fall of coal, 11-06-1892
Bryan William Athens Township
Bryley Philip Athens 1907
Buchanan Wm Glouster 1907
Buchman Wm Glouster 1907
Buck Bennie New Lexington Peabody
Buck John Trimble 1907
Buck R. J. Trimble 1907
Buckley Earl Santoy 1907
Buckley John Santoy 1907
Buckley Mont Modoc 1907
Buckner Emory Nelsonville 1907
Buckner W. F. Nelsonville 1907
Budo John Orbiston 1907
Bufalo Sr. Jno. Canaanville Canaan 1910 Sept.10,leg & hand inj, fall coal age50
Buffalo Steve Santoy 1907
Buffington S. A. Athens 1907
Buhler John Beaumont 1907
Buhler Louie Murray City 1907
Bulson Pat Glouster 1907
Bulstrom Dan Glouster 1907
Bumgardner Chas Nelsonville 1907
Bumgardner Fred Beaumont 1907
Bumgardner Wm Nelsonville 1907
Bunard Martin Glouster 1907
Bunce Aleck Dillon 1907
Bungard Henry New Straitsville Straitsville Coopera 11/1888
Bungard John New Straitsville Straitsville Coopera 11/1888
Bungherd Ervin New Straitsville 1907
Bungherd John New Straitsville 1907
Bunting Hamel New Pittsburg#7 Aug22, leg broken struck by mine car, age 27
Buntoff Henry Doansville 1907
Bunz John New Straitsville Straitsville Mining Co. 4/15/1881
Burbridge S. J. Rendville 1907
Burch Harvey Athens 1907
Burcher John Nelsonville 1907
Burcher K. M. Glouster 1907
Burchfield C. E. Crooksville 1907
Burchfield Isaac Trimble 1907
Burdett Ed Nelsonville 1907
Burdett Thomas New Straitsville NewStraitsville, Nelsonville
Burdette Thos. New Straitsville Straitsville Mining Co. 9/15/1881
Burdiss Geo Jacksonville 1907
Burdiss Paul Jacksonville Mine #6, Millfield 1930 killed in Millfield explosion age 37
Burford John Nelsonville 1907
Burford John C&HC&I#25,27 scab 1885
Burgess Amos Gore 1907
Burgess Geo Gore 1907
Burgoon Jas. New Straitsville Straitsville Mining Co.l 3/15/1882
Burk Chas Glouster 1907
Burk Edw Modoc 1907
Burk Mila New Straitsville 1907
Burke Jos Corning 1907
Burke M. New Straitsville 1907
Burkett Thos Athens 1907
Burley A. Doansville 1907
Burley E. Floodwood 1907
Burley Geo Doansville 1907
Burley Thos Crooksville 1907
Burmich Alex Millfield Mine #6, Millfield 1930 killed in Millfield explosion age 55
Burnard Bill Jacksonville 1907
Burnard Geo Jacksonville 1907
Burnard Grant Murray City 1907
Burnard John Trimble 1907
Burnard Martin Glouster 1907
Burnard Wm Trimble 1907
Burnett Amos New Straitsville Straitsville Mining Co. 4/15/1881
Burnett Ed New Straitsville Straitsville Cooperative 5/1888
Burnley Frank Luhrig 1907
Burns Bub Trimble 1907
Burns Dave Crooksville Tropic 1920s
Burns Doc Crooksville Tropic 1920s
Burns Edw Crooksville 1907
Burns Fred Rose Farm 1907
Burns Frederick Buckingham Congo 1933-35
Burns Harry Misco 1907
Burns Herb Crooksville Tropic 1920s
Burns Herbert Trimble 1907
Burns John Corning 1907
Burns John New Straitsville Straitsville Mining Co. 2/15/1882
Burns John New Straitsville J.B. Doe & Co. 7/15/1882
Burns Lawrence Buckingham Congo 1933-1935
Burns Lawrence Rendville 1907
Burns Pat Glouster 1907
Burns Robert Misco 1907
Burns Robert D. Buckingham Buckingham Coal Co. Congo 1937-41 District 6 UMW
Burns William District 6 UMW
Burrell W. H. Nelsonville 1907
Burrett John Zaleski 1907
Burt J. R. Santoy 1907
Burt L. Santoy 1907
Burtchers John Nelsonville 1907
Burtnett Albert Santoy 1907
Burtnett Walter Santoy 1907
Burton Allie Trimble 1907
Burton Andrew Glouster 1907
Burton Arthur Roseville 1907
Burton Ben New Straitsville Straitsville Cooperative 8/1888
Burton Geo Blatchford 1907
Burton Harry Nelsonville 1907
Burton Jos Roseville 1907
Burton Pat Trimble 1907
Buse John Jacksonville 1907
Bush Brady Murray City 1907
Bush Chris. C&HC&I#25,27 scab 1885
Busy John Jacksonville 1907
Butler Malea New Straitsville 1907
Butler Will Straitsville 1907
Butski Steve Corning 1907
Butsko Andrew Millfield Mine #6, Millfield 1930 age22 loader in Millfield mine, not killed
Butsko John Millfield Mine #6, Millfield 1930 killed in Millfield explosion age 27
Butsko Joseph Millfield Mine #6, Millfield 1930 age 18, loader in Millfield mine, not killed
Butsko Stephen Millfield Mine #6, Millfield 1930 age20 loader in Millfield mine not killed
Butt Samuel W. Shawnee NY Straitsville Coal and Iron Co. 1872-83-?
Butterfield Arthur Hemlock 1907
Butterfield John Comly 1907
Butterfield Wm Comly 1907
Butterworth A. L. Nelsonville 1907
Butterworth Ed Nelsonville 1907
Butterworth F. L. Nelsonville 1907
Butterworth Jas Nelsonville 1907
Butterworth Lewis Nelsonville 1907
Butterworth Lewis Kimberly #204 1910 July14, leg inj, car jumping track, age 28
Butterworth Wm Nelsonville 1907
Button Albert District 6 UMW
Butts Clarence Blatchford 1907
Butts Frank Hemlock 1907
Butts G. W. Murray City Murray City Mining #29 1912 fall of coal, 3-14-1912
Butts Geo Blatchford 1907
Butts James L. Shawnee New Straitsville 1874 Switched to blast work
Butts Mic Blatchford 1907
Butts Thos L. Linton 1907
Bycofski Andy Cuba Jacksonville, Peach Ridge Mine #6, Millfield 1930 killed in Millfield explosion
Bycofski Anthony Millfield Mine #6, Millfield 1930 killed in Millfield explosion, age 22
Bycroft Jas Shawnee 1907
Bycroft Thos Shawnee 1907
Byers Albert Hollister 1907
Byers Jos Hemlock 1907
Byers P. E. Athens 1907
Bykosie Jacob Jacksonville 1907
Bykosie Julius Glouster 1907

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