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C. P. Elder Pop Company Soda Pop Bottles (2)

Posted by littlecitiesarchive on July 3, 2010

The Elder Bottling Company operated in Shawnee from early 1900’s to the early 1950’s, when it was purchased by the Berry Pop Company.


Early to mid 1900 s


Location: Shelf 2 Box 2

16 Responses to “C. P. Elder Pop Company Soda Pop Bottles (2)”

  1. Shari Southall said

    My husband found a bottle just like this one when he was replacing the floor in our garage. Sadly we can’t find much information about it.

  2. Rob Dishon said

    C.P. Elder, more commonly known in Shawnee as “Sweet Water Charley” purchased the soda factory from Willis H. Harrop who has purchased it from members of the Hughes family. Elder’s factory was located at the west end of main street at the head of “Whipporwill Hollow”. Today the building houses the Shawnee Mission, a nondemonational church. Elder eventually sold his business to P.O Berry of New Lexington who moved the soda factory there. Elder’s first bottles were somewhat shorter then this bottle and were blue in color with C.P Elder, Shawnee Ohio in a circle on the front of the bottle. These bottles were eventually replaced by the example shown here. Berry also used bottles of this same design replacing the CP Elder with PO Berry and New Lex. This bottle dates from mid century. Shari, what town did you find the bottle in?

    • Douglas Zuelke said

      C.P. Elder was my great, great uncle. I have located 3 of the bottles in the antique store in Shawnee. Do you have any further information about the factory? My great, great Aunt was Mary Ellen (Elder) Rieski who was the baker in Shawnee. My branch of the Elder family moved to Coshocton, Ohio in about 1910.

      • Rob Dishon said


        I dont really to much more. I know that the factory was sold about 1948 and moved to New Lex. We would love to have a picture of CP or any of the other family members to flesh out our collections. Was Mary Ellen married to Pete Rieske? Pete lived in later years on main street in the small one room building next to the Masonic hall. Do you know who Marry Ellen’s parents were? I have square brass tokens from J.P Elder’s bakery, each good for one loaf. My grandfather always told me that bread was 3 loaves for a quarter and as most folks couldnt use three loaves before they went bad you paid your quarter and got one or two tokens in return. Do you know if CP had children?

  3. danny chalfant said

    rob i was wondering if you might know anything about a pop bottling company from glouster.i have two friends that have a bottle.says glouster bottling company,glouster ohio.a lady told me that her husbands aunt was married to john francis who sold pop or maybe moonshine in the 30’s or 40’s.i’ve never heard of glouster having a pop or bottling company.thanks

  4. Rob Dishon said

    I dont have any info on a bottling company in Glouster. Most small towns did though have a local supplier of soda pop and water. Are there any old histories of Glouster that you might check? Maybe the Athens County Historical Society might have some information on it. Whatever you find please let us know. If you can take a photo of the bottle we can post here on the site and see if any other readers have some information.
    Hope to hear back from you

  5. jerry said

    I just found 2 bottles in an old dump behind my parents house. 1 was berry and son the other was elder

  6. Dan said

    My great grandmother was Sarah C. Elder (Shea) she married James J. Shea they lived in the house on the hill acrossed from the soda pop shop. Sarah’s parents were Joseph P Elder and Mary (McElory) O’Brien Elder. My Dad would tell me about when he was little around 11 he would help his Great uncle C.P. Elder mix the soda pop.


    • Jennifer Shea Eastman said

      This is so awesome that I have found these comments! James J Shea and Sarah Elder were my great great grandparents on the Shea side. My dad is Terry Shea, his father was James Francis Shea and his father was Thomas Leo Shea, son of James and Sarah. Any additional info would be great and would love to find a bottle!

      • Dan Shea said

        I have more information and some pictures. I’m not sure how to send them to you. I work on and off on our family tree over the years so that’s why it’s been a long time to get back with you

      • Dan said

        Jennifer I added a document about Aunt Mary Shea to the web site.She is Thomas Leo older sister

  7. Dan said

    C. P. Elder was short for Charles Pius Elder

  8. Douglas Zuelke said

    Joseph Pius Elder and Mary (Obrien) Elder were my great great grandparents. J.P. ran the local bakery with Peter Rieski. Rieski was married to Mary Ellen Elder, J.P.’s daughter, Charles Pius Elder owned the pop bottle factory. Sarah Elder was my great “Aunt Sade”, and my great grandfather was John Francis Elder who opened his own bakery in Coshocton, Ohio sometime after 1910.

    • Rob Dishoin said


      Do you have any pictures of these folks, their homes or businesses? I was in the cemetery this afternoon to put new flowers on my Grandparents grave and on my way out, drove past J. P. Elder’s stone.

  9. Orla (Bugs) Coakley said

    when I was a young boy, I remember Joe Elder delivering soda pop to my fathers store. Also, I had my first Dad’s root beer distributed by Joe Elder.

  10. Pat Clifford said

    I am Charles P. Clifford. My grandfather was CP Elder who lived to 81 years old. He had health issues in his later years and my parents.Raymond and Cecila Clifford moved C P to our home in Columbus where he lived another 8 plus years. He had 3 children Catherine, who died at app. 18 , Cecila, my mother, and Joe who died at app 60. My grandfather was a great guy who never knew a stranger. My wife and I live in the Orlando, Florida. Area as our two children and 3 grandchildren do also. We are lucky. I recently retired selling my food brokerage business that I owned for 27 years. I re ber the bread and the great sugar cookies from the bakery. Good memories. Pat @ Nancy Clifford. I have some Elder bottles: would like to have more if you come across.Thanks

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